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![Press Release](https://images.ctfassets.net/vzl5fkwyme3u/6iJumo9OXCq0m0EqOuueAm/61e3dea3c18f9d770a6906099856e015/press_release.jpeg?w=1000)

To say that we have been hard at work here at Nomad PHP, or that I'm excited about these three announcements would be a tremendous understatement. Over the past several months, behind the scenes, we've been working to bring even more features and benefits to Nomad PHP - these have already included unlimited streaming of all past meetings and access to PHP Architect.

Available today, however, you'll also have access to online, live workshops - as well as soon have the ability to stream select PHP conferences live, and finally to prove the knowledge you have gained through our online certification.

## Online, Live Workshops

Like our online meetings, we are excited to announce that available today you can participate in online, live, and interactive workshops. Our [first workshop](https://beta.nomadphp...

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