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  175 views · 6 days ago

Now that the Thanksgiving and Black Friday are left behind, we're all back at our desks, some of us having PHPStorm open for the whole day. In this post, I'll say a few words on this [beautiful IDE](, [PHPUnit]( and [XDebug](

**You know that unit tests are essential, don't you?** So do the PHPStorm developers. This industry-standard level IDE has tons of capabilities for integrating test frameworks and debuggers into your project. Even if you use VMs or containers to run your development environment, chances are they got you covered!

![Blind Pew from Treasure Island](

I often see even experienced PHP programmers debugging their code with `var_dump()`, which is obviously not the best way to do it. If you see the code for the first time, if you work with legacy code - step-by-step interactive debugging is the way to go. Sometimes it can s...